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Full cottage renovation in Ontario

Full Cottage Renovation in
King City, ON

We Provide Premium Cottage Renovation in King City.
Regal Home Group specializes in full cottage improvement design, cottage renovation in King City and cottage remodeling in King City, ON.
We are here to remove the stress from your next full cottage renovation project – so you can enjoy it!


Licensed, Insured and Bonded Cottage Renovation King City

Regal Home Group are your local experts on full cottage remodeling and cottage renovation in King City and surrounding areas in York Region.
You will always receive the highest quality of cottage renovation service, from the initial consultation to the final inspection.

Elegant & Cozy full cottage renovation and remodel

Transform your cottage with a cottage renovation in King City

Do you have a cottage that is in need of full cottage renovation in King City or cottage remodel in King City and York Region? Are you looking to redesign your cottage kitchen, or maybe you would like to make an addition to your cottage with a boathouse? We are here to help you with your next cottage improvement project in King City, from the initial design concept to obtaining permits and full installation, repair, and maintenance. Let us help you transform your King City cottage into the cottage of your dreams. Please call us or fill out our simple contact form and tell us about your cottage renovation or cottage remodeling needs in King City and York Region. Receive a FREE Quote Today regarding your cottage renovation in King City, ON.

Cottage remodelling services
Cottage design services in Ontario

Full Dream Cottage Design

we offer creative design solutions for full cottage build, cottage renovation & remodel services in king city

Regal Home Group is proud of our experience in designing beautiful custom cottages in King City that are also practical and made for your family’s lifestyle. Our expert team of designers is ready to manage your next cottage project design in King City. We enjoy the challenge of balancing awesome ideas with real-life applications.
The design process begins with an extensive cottage design consultation. A Regal Home Group lead designer will spend time with you on your cottage property in King City discussing your project plans and goals, and put it on paper with a 3-D sketch.
We measure the site and examine current cottage conditions, and provide you with a concept design based on your cottage project plans and budget. Once our client reviews and agrees on the design and materials, we will create a final revision of the design, and map out each step from start to finish of your King City cottage project. When we create a cottage design, we focus on all aspects of the cottage remodel project, such as your budget, the materials needed, engineering, aesthetics, and lifestyle. Our goal is to design your cottage in King City the way you want, while maintaining functionality.
We manage all site surveying, King City building permits, and any other assistance needed to get your cottage improvement project design done properly in King City.

We Build and Renovate Your Custom Cottage

we provide top quality & finish for all cottage renovation projects in King City

How does your cottage in King City make you feel? A well-designed cottage should essentially feel like your home away from home. A classic cottage experience will make you feel cozy, warm-hearted and full of laughter, happiness and memories with your family and friends in King City, ON. We are all about creating your ideal custom cottage to add to your full cottage experience in King City.

Here at Regal Home Group, we are your local King City cottage renovation & cottage remodel contractors, and it is our passion to design and build cottages in the King City and Greater Toronto Areas. With the help of Regal Home Group’s design and construction team, you have full access and unlimited options to customize and create your dream cottage that is built for your and your family’s lifestyle needs and wants in King City. We look forward to building your future new custom cottage or renovating and/or remodeling your existing cottage that falls in line with your vision and design goals.

Are you thinking of creating a traditional cottage house in King City, or are you looking for a more modern cottage approach with smart house elements? Our local King City renovation crew is here to help you create the cottage house of your dreams.

Do you have a cottage in King City that is in need of repair or remodeling?
Contact us today to bring your cottage vision to life.

Custom cottage renovation services Ontario
Cottage renovation and remodelling

Cottage Renovation & Remodeling:

regal home group offers custom cottage renovation & remodeling services locally in King City

Your cottage in King City is a great place to spend time and bond with the family. If you have a cottage in King City that is in need of an update, or you are looking to make changes to your cottage to adapt it to your family’s needs, renovating or remodeling your cottage is a great idea.
Our local King City cottage renovation and cottage remodeling team at Regal Home Group guarantees to be with you every step of the way on your next cottage improvement project in King City. Whether you plan on renovating your cottage floors, or you need to remodel your cottage kitchen, or maybe you are thinking of adding a sauna or boathouse to your cottage property, we will always provide clear communication with you and efficiently manage your cottage renovation projects in King City.
Whether you are planning on renovating your full cottage or are in need of some patch-up work, we are dedicated to bringing you top quality and a finish that will last for ages.
Regal Home Group is a local full cottage renovation crew in King City that possesses the skills and experience in both the cottage design and the cottage renovation process to bring your next cottage remodel project to life in King City, ON.

Ready to Renovate or Build Your Cottage in King City?
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Regal Home Group is your local King City expert in full cottage build & cottage renovation projects.
With us, you will always receive the highest quality of service, from the initial consultation to the final inspection.

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At Regal Home Group, we focus on providing our clients with the best quality and detailed home improvements. Take a look at some of our highlights…
We upgraded this dated ensuite into a modern masterpiece with all of today’s dream-inspired finishings…

You ask, we answer

We have been in the business of building and renovating full cottages for many years, and we have heard many similar questions. Therefore, we decided to help answer some commonly asked questions that we tend to receive.

We are with you every step of the way, from start to finish. From initial consultation and design concept, to the finishing touches. For full steps in our process, please refer to our process up above on this page.

This really depends on so many variables, such as shape and size of each cotage, as well as what you are looking to do. Do you want to renovate your full cottage? Do you need more space in your kitchen and living rooms? Are you planning on remodeling your cottage space to add extra living space? All these projects are unique and take time. Once we go over an initial design and concept, we can provide you with a time estimate for project completion.

It all depends on the square footage of your house, what kind of work you require, and what materials to use. We always do our best to work within your budget.

Yes, we are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and qualified to renovate residential cottages in Ontario, Canada. We abide by all zoning by-laws.

Although renovation and remodeling sound like very similar concepts, there are actually a few qualities that separate both from each other. Renovation is referred to when someone needs to update something to look the same as it did when it was new for the same purpose as it serves now. Remodel is referred to when someone needs to make their space like new, and to also modify the configuration or structure of something. Some spaces such as your kitchen or flooring may just require a simple renovation to bring them back to life, while other spaces such as your basement or bathroom may need a remodel such as recreating a new design, readjusting walls, modifying plumbing, or any other changes. Most renovations may be done without a permit, however many remodeling projects will require a permit. We are here to assist you with all of the above; from initial design concept, to obtaining permits, to installation, renovation, and maintenance. Let us help you re-design the house you have been dreaming of.
If you already have a design developed, our team can easily construct with any plans you provide as long as they are safe and practical. Our team will efficiently transition into any quality collaboration, working with you every step of the project. If you have a partial design and would like to have it finished, our designers and architects will be more than happy to help you finish your design idea and bring it to life. Our mission is to bring value to any team collaboration, and work as a team.

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