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Landscaping services in Ontario

Landscaping Design & Contractors Services in Ontario

From your frontyard to backyard, pools to interlocking, stone walls to patios – we design & install the landscaping space that you always wanted.


Licensed, Insured and Bonded

We are your local experts in residential & commercial landscaping projects.
You will always receive the highest quality of service, from the initial consultation to the final inspection.

We Design & Build
Custom Outdoor
Landscaping Spaces

create your very own dream landscape in your own backyard

What’s better than a great beautiful yard? A great beautiful yard that is also functional and practical for your lifestyle!
Combine; beautiful design, from outdoor kitchen design to sustainably planted organic plants and flowers, along with the quality, durability and functionality of our landscape work. Outdoor living spaces such as your front yard or backyard, are great for spending quality time outside with your friends and family. Enjoy grilling food on your custom-designed backyard deck, and then have a swim in your backyard outdoor pool right across from your sauna, which sits situated near your own organic garden.
Imagine all of the possibilities that you and your family can have creating amazing bonding moments, all within your own front and backyard!
Contact us and let’s transform your landscape into a custom design fit to your liking and lifestyle.

Landscape solutions in Ontario
Landscape design service in Ontario

Elegant Landscaping Design

Elegant Landscaping Design for your home or business in the greater Toronto areas

In order to design your landscape properly, we must take into account your space and existing landscape features, your budget, and what functions do you want your front and/or backyard to perform. Would you want to create an organic garden in your backyard to plant food? Would you like to create a meditation space in your backyard? Add a healthy relaxing outdoor sauna? Outdoor kitchen and grill deck? Swimming pool with tanning area? We can perform all sorts of landscaping design ideas for your next landscaping project.
Once you call us and we perform an onsite consultation, we will discuss your ideas and dreams for your outdoor living space in the front and backyard. Our designer will help you make the most of your landscape vision. We provide two standard revisions with all of our landscaping design processes to help you determine the exact way you want to install your landscape.
We are your experts in landscape design, and we go above and beyond a sketch. We consider everything from soil quality and materials used to your budget. We will do our best to provide you with a realistic glance at your future landscape.
Contact us – we are here to help you with your landscape design dreams!

Sustainable Landscape Installation

we provide premier quality residential & commercial landscaping installation in the Greater Toronto Areas

Building the landscape you like on your front and backyard is a very rewarding experience, and it is easier than you may think. Tell us what you would like to have done with your landscape, and we will do all the planning and installation. Our landscape installation crew at Regal Home Group is highly qualified, very experienced in landscaping, works efficiently, and maintains a safe and clean workspace.
We will keep you up to date on each step of your landscape installation process.
We use the most eco-friendly materials, and we focus on durability, in order to provide you with a landscaping installation that will last for a long time, is easy to maintain, and will be better for our earth. Whether you are looking to install a deck and patio in your backyard, or if you would like to install a beautiful walkway that takes you to your organic garden, and maybe you also need to retain walls or install outdoor holiday decorations, Regal Home Group is your friendly local landscape installation team.
Contact us today to find out the possibilities you have for your next landscape installation project that you want for your house, that is within your budget.
Landscape installation services Ontario

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We are your local experts in residential & commercial landscaping projects.
You will always receive the highest quality of service, from the initial consultation to the final finish & inspection.
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At Regal Home Group, we focus on providing our clients with the best quality and detailed home improvements. Take a look at some of our highlights…
We upgraded this dated ensuite into a modern masterpiece with all of today’s dream-inspired finishings…

You ask, we answer

We have been in the business of landscape design, installation and renovation, for many years, and we have heard all the possible questions you could have many times. Therefore, we decided to help answer some common asked questions that we tend to receive.
We are with you every step of the way, from start to finish. From initial consultation and design concept, to the finishing touches.
For full steps in our process, please refer to our process up above on this page.
This really depends on so many variables, such as shape and size of each landscape, as well as what you are looking to do. Do you want to renovate your full landscape? Do you need more space in your backyard? Are you planning on remodeling your patio and deck area? All these projects are unique and take time. Once we go over an initial design and concept, we can provide you with a time estimate for project completion.
It all depends on the square footage of your landscape, what kind of work you require, and what materials to use. We always do our best to work within your budget.
Yes, we are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and qualified to work on landscaping projects in Toronto & GTA. We abide by all zoning by-laws.
If you already have a landscape design developed, our team can easily construct with any plans you provide as long as they are safe and practical. Our team will efficiently transition into any quality collaboration, working with you every step of the project. If you have a partial design and would like to have it finished, our designers and architects will be more than happy to help you finish your design idea and bring it to life. Our mission is to bring value to any team collaboration, and work as a team.

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